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In line with the demands of your company, we provide contract manufacturing for food supplements by responding to your needs. The packaging types of the products we produce are;

Primary Packaging

  • Blister

  • Bottle filling

  • PET-HPDE-Glass (Available colors)

  • Secondary Packaging

  • Labeling

  • shrinking

  • Cardboard Boxing

  • Other packaging forms can be made upon request.


Blister Packaging Manufacturing:

Blister packs are various types of preformed plastic packaging used for tablets and capsules. A pocket, usually made of a thermoformable plastic sheet, is the main component of a blister pack. The back support of this material is a cover gasket made of cardboard, aluminum foil or plastic. The product is contained in a shaped pocket which is closed by a lid. Printing inks and graphics can be applied to the cover material to provide aesthetic appeal.


Blister packaging machines can pack products in many different forms such as tablets, capsules or liquids. They have many advantages, such as barrier protection for shelf life, and providing consumers with a user-friendly individual dose. They also protect product integrity and protect against environmental factors such as humidity, light, gas, and temperature.

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