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Contract Manager

Design and application can be done with your own brand to meet your contract manufacturing needs. You can meet all your needs from our production facility. In our capsule and tablet production facility, we primarily produce in accordance with the appropriate standards and legal procedures.



The packaging types of the products we produce are;

  • PVC / ALU

  • ALU / ALU

  • PET / HDPE Packaging

  • Blister Types

  • Food-grade plastic bags and boxes

  • PVC or carton outer box packaging

  • Primary Packaging

  • Secondary Packaging

  • Hard and Soft Capsules

We produce packaging suitable for food and medicine production and we offer you different types of packaging and packages that create interest and awareness.


R & D and Certification

While aiming to increase the production level with the latest technology production track used in Farmasoft production facilities, we are also making research and development for better quality and effective product production day by day. The secret of solid and high quality production in the shortest time is R & D management.

The systematic and technological units in our laboratories constantly produce new ideas together with our R & D personnel. Our laboratories are fully competent in production and R & D with our high-tech equipment. Together with our R & D efforts, we are working for more innovative, environmentalist, high standards of production.