Capsule Production:

Hard capsules are shells or containers made of gelatin containing a food supplement or OTC drug. The hard capsules are made of a hard gelatin shell in two pieces which are filled with inner filler and fit together.

The advantages of hard capsules are that they offer faster action and more effective absorption than some other forms.


Capsules can be produced in smaller, easier-to-swallow sizes due to their more effective absorption, which requires a lower dose.


These forms are suitable for substances with a bad taste or odor, as they are capable of minimizing the odor of certain components. The capsules are visually appealing and can be produced in a variety of colors and sizes to provide product differentiation.


Hard capsules consist of two parts. They are single-dose solid capsules in a shell. They are very preferred because they are easier to swallow than tablets. Hard Capsules have a lid and a body part. The materials used in the production of hard capsules by our production and R & D technology are generally gelatin, starch, cellulose derivatives and HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose). Hard gelatin capsules can be dissolved quickly and produce faster than tablets. Capsules can be produced in eight different volumes. These;

1.37ml (000)

0.95 ml (00)

0.63 ml (0)

0.50 ml (1)

0.37 ml (2)

0.30 ml (3)

0.21 ml (4)

0.13 ml (5)

It shaped. You can make the production by selecting the capsule number according to the amount you want to fill.


Hard gelatin capsules can generally be filled with powder, granules, pellets, micropellets, microspheres, microcapsules, beads, tablets, microtablets, semi-solid liquids.

The filling methods of hard capsules are as follows;

Auger - Augar method

Vacuum filling

Vibration filling

Piston compression filling

Production of hard capsules in our production facility in our company is carried out carefully through all R & D studies. We complete our hard capsule production with thermocap method and thixocap method used in our production.