Tablets are solid dosage forms of active ingredients with or without excipients compressed into presses of predefined shapes and sizes. The size, shape, thickness, weight, disintegration, and dissolution of the tablets may vary, as there are many different customizable options to choose from. There are many different types of tablets that we can produce, such as compressed tablets, chewable tablets, and long-release tablets.

Some of the advantages of tablets include their ability to be produced on a large scale at the lowest cost compared to other forms, high stability qualities, lightweight and compactness. Tablets are easy for consumers to swallow. They also have the highest dose sensitivity and minimal content variability compared to other forms.


Tablet Production Process:


The tablet manufacturing process includes milling and mixing particle size reduction and sizing, mixing, granulation, drying, compression and optionally coating.

This is a versatile process in which the original materials will change the physical properties many times before the final material reaches its final form. Every tablet product in Farmasoft is produced with an in-house Quality Control and Research and Development team undergoing a comprehensive product testing process, taking care of quality. This approach ensures that every batch of production meets quality and safety standards, regulations, product requirements, and customer needs.