Soft gelatin capsules are generally filled with liquid substances, liquid mixtures, solutions, suspensions. The liquid filled into the capsule should not interact with the capsule wall. The pH of the liquid should be between 2.5 and 7.5 and it should not contain more than 5% water and alcohol.


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The capsules can generally be filled with powder, granules, pellets, micropellets, microspheres, microcapsules, beads, tablets, micro tablets, semi-solid liquids.

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We produce tablets by compressing the powder mass in shapes, features, and sizes suitable for the purpose you want. For our company, tablet production is aimed to be fast, effective and economical. The tablet content used in the production and the raw material of the outer packaging conforms to the food standards and has high-quality product content. After pressing the formulation mixture of tablet food supplements, we pack it by blister and packaging method.

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Our company, which also makes contract manufacturing in liquid products, supports our customers. Liquid supplements can be used in all areas. Easier to use than tablets or capsules. It is preferred for use where swallowing is difficult.

Produced as syrup, drops, lotion, spray.

The product is packaged according to the formulation and usage area of the content to be produced. Our facilities and laboratories are produced in highly hygienic tanks. We respond to the production demand of our business partners from every sector.


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In accordance with the needs of our customers, powder mixture production is packaged according to the formulation and packaging process is applied. We have an annual production capacity of 2000 tons of powder mixture.

Powder mixtures produced according to the packaging system you want bottles, bags, and so on. packaged in boxes and cartons.


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